Instructor Discount Program

Instructor Discount Program

The proper care and safe use of firearms will ensure the future of the shooting sports industry. The important training you are doing is vital to our future. We look forward to providing you with the tools necessary to assist you with your work!


Otis Technology 2013 Instructor Discount Program



Offer Available for Certified Firearms Instructors and Hunter Safety Instructors. We require a copy of your Instructor ID Card when ordering.



In addition, you will receive manuals for your use, as well as instruction sheets and catalogs for your students.



  • World’s finest gun cleaning systems.
  • Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning method.
  • Compact, light weight, and portable.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty!
  • Solid brass components that won’t scratch or damage your firearm.
  • Most systems clean more than one caliber/gauge.
  • Bore solvent has a rust inhibitor.
  • Flexible coated cable.
  • Do not have to disassemble firearm to clean.
  • Can carry cleaning system on belt.
  • Unique cleaning patches are 100% cotton and can be used up to 6 times.
  • Each cleaning system comes with an instruction manual.
  • A cleaning system is available for all rifles, pistols, shotguns, airguns, and in-line muzzleloaders.


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Phone: 1-800-OTISGUN