“A bad day of hunting beats a good day of work.” - Doreen Garrett

 This old saying may best describe the start of something revolutionary for me and my family. On a cold wet hunting day, my father and I pursued a large and obviously intelligent deer into a swamp. This also was a familiar chase as this deer had observed us on many occasions but all we had seen of him were tracks and constant trips into forbidden territories. 

Well as it happened, we were up to our knees in mud and I hooked my boot under a submerged root and fell forward. My rifle went forward with me into the cold mud. Now this was the last straw. I was wet and cold, two miles from the car and half a mile from a cold hunting camp. On top of this, the Model 94 Winchester was my grandfather’s and had never disappointed him enough to deserve one of his swear words.

I tried to dislodge the mud by shaking the gun and eventually I got a stick stuck and the end broke off. What a fine fix I had gotten myself in. After planning and preparing for many days for this trip, it looked like the deer had had the best day.

We hiked to the cabin and I thought I was going to die, it was so cold: then I was disappointed that I didn’t. For a 16-year-old girl to hunt with her dad with her grandfather’s gun and wind up this way was unbearable. 

It seemed like eternity waiting for the cabin to warm up but I had a long time to reflect on the problem. I thought about what someone else might do in my situation. Possibly there was a better idea.

Many times I have watched my mother and father clean guns, but never paid close attention. It must be a family tradition because of my grandfather’s love of guns. He took great care in cleaning his rifle and keeping it in like-new condition. My younger sister now hunts with my great-great-grandfather’s Winchester, built in 1903, and this also is in excellent condition. 

I knew that anything that would clean out an obstructed bore had to be carried into the field. Therefore it must be light and portable. It might as well be a cleaning and clearing kit combined. It would be nice to be able to clean your gun in the field at the end of the day. 

Thomas Edison had an easy time inventing the light bulb compared to what I went through finding suitable materials engineered for strength and safe for field use. After much testing, failures and working with many people I finally had a product I was satisfied with. In my excitement one day I said to my friend that this kit had everything – it’s The Whole Kit and Caboodle. The name stuck and eventually became the registered trademark.

Now I had the Whole Kit and Caboodle. I made many of them for my friends and relatives and sold many others as the word got out. I needed a large market to pay the cost of patent and the volume of business needed to keep the price affordable, so I talked my family into doing our first Shot Show. It was nothing short of fantastic. Many knowledgeable people liked the concept and offered advice and packaging suggestions that I incorporated. Many dealers wanted a combination kit and this is now our Combo kit. 

As time and extensive testing continues I have been able to come up with other related products. These included a brush line, a 17-caliber kit, a patch that cleans all calibers and forged brass cleaning tips.

The quality of my product is uncompromising. We want only the best product in our kits. They must perform under the strictest conditions and never fail. This I vowed that fateful day at the hunting camp. 


Something about me:

I started developing the kit when I was 16 (at the first Shot Show I was 16 and had to fib to get in and said I was 18). I owe many thanks to my family, friends, suppliers, and sales reps who have had faith in my concepts, especially my dad. He has been instrumental right from the start. Without his engineering expertise and knowledge of guns The Whole Kit and Caboodle would not be. That is why I named the company OTIS, after my dad.

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