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We are committed to supporting you. Please review some valuable advice for gun cleaning success. Below you will find downloadable instruction sheets.


Instruction Sheets


Cleaning Instructions

Military Cleaning Instructions


Limited Breech access

On some rifles (such as 22 rim-fire semi automatics and small frame revolvers) you may not be able to get the tip into the chamber because it is too long when assembled on the rod. Take the tip off and put the patch on as you normally would. Put the tip into the chamber just as if you were inserting a shell. Turn the cleaning rod in a clockwise direction and reattach the tip. Pull the powder residue and debris out of the barrel in the natural direction of the bullet. In some rare cases the brush cannot be used. Repeat this each time until the firearm is clean. You may want to try the small caliber equipment on the 22 rim-fire.


Otis produces a solvent, lubricant, and rust inhibitor in one product. The important rule is not to overuse any cleaning product. Only a few drops on the front of the patch is necessary. If you use too much solvent, it will wash dirt into the trigger mechanism. This is the cause of a sticky trigger. If you let the firearm stand with the muzzle up, the solvent will drip into the receiver and cause premature failure of the stock.

Fouling Shots

Some target shooters must take a fouling shot. One of the reasons for this is that lost oil or solvent in the corners of the rifling. This will increase the pressure by causing an abnormal seal on the bullet. You can increase the accuracy of your first shot by making sure no oils are left in the bore before you intend to use the firearms. This is a must for hunters or snipers who are not afforded the luxury of a fouling shot.

Rusted Bores

This is simply a condition that exists with many firearms. When you go to purchase a firearm, clean the bore and run a brush from the breach to the muzzle. Pull slowly and choke up on the cleaning rod. You will be able to feel the inside of the rifling as you pull. Sometimes the brush will start to pull with less resistance, and this is an indication of an oversized bore. If this occurs at the throat, the firearm may have been fired many times. If the bore is oversized near the muzzle, someone allowed water to lie in the bore. This is common occurrence and exists in over 1/3 of the used firearms. The above condition greatly affects the accuracy of the firearm and a new barrel is usually the only cure.

Barrel Condition

When you purchase a firearm; remember that all firearms record their history for the breech to muzzle. Look down the barrel of the firearms, you can tell about how many shots have been fired, and the cleaning method (solid sectional rods leave marks in the muzzle and rifling). Shot out barrel and rusted barrels can sometimes be detected.

Aluminum Cleaning Rods

Aluminum rods will damage most firearms if they are allowed to rub extensively in the barrel. You may believe that aluminum is soft and will not damage the firearm. Aluminum creates an oxide on its outer surface. This oxide is similar if not identical to the aluminum oxide used in grinding wheels and knife sharpening equipment. This oxide will lap the bore and make it oversized and uneven. Any oversized condition allows gas to escape ahead of the bullet, thus random velocities occur. 

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