Otis is the proud sponsor of several competitive athletes and sharp shooters!


Tracy and Lanny Barnes: USA Biathletes

  • Biathlon Twins
  • Shooting and Skiing
  • Competing since ‘06 in Winter Olympics
  • Firearm of choice: .22 Cal. Rifles


Kim Rhode: 4 Time Olympic Medalist

  • World Skeet Champion since 13 years old
  • Won a Medal for the USA in 4 consecutive Olympics
  • Most decorated American Female Shooter in the history of U.S. Olympic Competition
  • Youngest woman to ever make an Olympic Shooting Team for any Country
  • Focuses energy toward the Youth
  • Firearm of Choice: Shotgun


Doug Koenig: Professional Pistol Shooter

  • Unequaled record of championships in all kinds of shooting sports
  • Owns a custom rifle company
  • Career began in 1987
  • First to shoot a perfect score at the Bianchi Cup in 1990
  • Has 8 Bianchi Cups in his trophy case
  • Won the Masters Handgun Tournament 11 times
  • Has had multiple wins at the Steel Challenge, the Sportsman’s Team Challenge, and the Outdoor Games.
  • Firearm of Choice: Pistol


Max Michel: World Class Shooter

  • Began shooting at age 5
  • Served in the army for 10 years
  • Four time World Speed Shooting Champion
  • Top tier athlete and instructor


Steve and Aaron Gould: Gould Brothers Exhibition Shooting (GBX)

  • Brothers who share a passion for shooting sports
  • Perform live exhibition shooting shows across the country


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